Skin Tea - Whole Leaf Silky Pyramids

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Help your skin stay supple and hydrated with this sumptuous blend of green tea, rose and eucalyptus, known for their anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. A star ingredient is ashwagandha - an ancient Ayurvedic herb, which has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen your body.

Little secret: you can brew this tea overnight and use as a rejuvenating face tonic.

Ingredients: green tea, chamomile, dandelion leaves, ashwagandha, eucalyptus, rose petals, natural flavouring

To make a perfect brew: 1 tea pyramid per cup. Best brewed in hot water at 80C for 1-2 minutes.

One pack contains: 12 biodegradable silky tea pyramids. Net weight: 33.6g.