Our story

The time has come to shake things up a bit. The world has changed and opened our eyes to so many people, cultures and points of view. We’ve become hungry for new experiences and opened our hearts to new flavours. But how many times have you looked at a menu or a tea shelf and were presented with the same old blends?  The fast-paced way of life means we no longer have to fit the stereotype we’ve taken for granted for so long.
I began blending my own teas at home and bringing high quality leaves from abroad after feeling uninspired by options that were available to buy. For years, I have made teas out of really good quality ingredients to drink at home, at work and even on the plane (yes, I actually carry my own tea bags with me!) and decided to share a few of my discoveries with the world. The inspiration for the Nauteas range comes from my travels, opening my mind up to new ideas and looking at things from a new perspective.
I hope you enjoy the teas and feel the love in every cup.
Katia x
Nauteas - our story