Our story


The time has come to shake things up a bit. The world has changed and opened our eyes to so many people, cultures and points of view. We’ve become hungry for new experiences and opened our hearts to new flavours.

I started Nauteas in 2015 with a mission to bring more creativity into a very traditional tea world and create flavours which are fresh and fun, yet timeless. Each blend has been inspired by a magical place, flavour or experience. A fragrant cup of chai in India, stopping by for a refreshing glass of mint tea in Marrakech, resting by a cherry tree in Russia - many memories have been recreated and infused into the Nauteas teas.

I hope you enjoy the teas and feel the love in every cup.

Katia x

Great taste


How did it all start?

What began as a night time and weekend project saw its first light at a small artisan market in Richmond, London. I tested the first products and got really inspired by my first customers who bought the first creations.

How it started

Our first stockist was the foodie destination the Darts Farm, which stock Nauteas to this day. Here I am sampling the teas and talking to their customers in Devon:

How it started 2

As the tea collection grew and developed, I learned everything I could about tea. How it's grown, harvested and processed, how soil and weather affect its flavour, how different cultures adapt it to their way of living and the history of tea as the world's favourite beverage.

This quest for tea knowledge led me to qualify as a Tea Sommelier from the UK Tea Academy - created by one of the world's experts on tea, Jane Pettigrew. Unlike other exams, I really enjoyed preparing for - and passing - this one!

How it started 3

Thanks to the teas, I have had some incredible experiences. Here are just a few highlights:

Visiting the misty tea gardens of Darjeeling and experiencing this magical place. Worth the 3 hour winding drive up the hill to visit this historic hill station and taste the world renowned Darjeeling teas.


How it started 4

Doing live tea blending demonstrations in Japan at the Hankyu Department Store's British Fair. I even got my 15 seconds of fame on the Japanese TV!

Nauteas 1

A conversation with an 16th generation Uji Tea Master at his tea room in Japan. He was incredibly proud of his craft and is one of the happiest people I've ever met.

Nauteas 2

Creating live tea experiences through afternoon teas and blending workshops. Talking all day about tea is my perfect kind of day!

Nauteas 4