English Rose Garden - Loose Leaf Tea Caddy

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This rose scented black tea is one of the oldest classics, originating from China. The Chinese call this tea Mei Gui Hong Cha (also known as Rose Congou) and it’s made using a centuries old technology of layering fresh rose petals over a black tea base for several hours. No artificial flavourings whatsoever.

What you get is a beautiful medium body infusion with an unmistakable rose fragrance. Mellow and aromatic, this is a perfect tea to enjoy in the afternoon or serve to friends and family - it never fails to impress.

Ingredients: black tea, rose petals

This caddy contains: 125g of tea, which makes approx. 40 cups of tea.

How to make it: use a teaspoon of tea per 250ml and infuse for 4-5 minutes at 100°C. Best brewed in a teapot, or a tea brewing bag (if you're feeling lazy!)


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