A cup of tea with... design blogger Emily Beeson: 'great conversations give me new perspectives and a flood of fresh ideas'

We had a great start of the week at Nauteas HQ and today we are launching our new blog series ‘A cup of tea with…’ featuring some of our favourite self-starters and creative people who turned their ideas into reality.

Our guest today is the gorgeous Emily Beeson, who runs Young Gold Teeth – a fantastic collective of all things design, creativity and exciting brands. We met back in 2016 when Emily was putting together her popular Christmas wish list and our Don’t Make Me Cycle to India chai tea was lucky enough to be featured on it. Here Emily shares her story of how YGT came about, where her inspiration comes from and her mum’s words of wisdom she lives by.

What was your inspiration for YGT and how did it all begin?

I started the blog while working at a small gallery in central London a few years ago. At that time it was more of a portfolio as I was juggling jobs and studies and trying to find steady work as a journalist. I just wrote about the things I loved for practice, mainly artists and independent brands and soon started receiving submissions. Then the blog came into its own. I moved to the Netherlands to study and YOUNG GOLD TEETH became less about me and more about the people I was featuring. I love the community that the site has fostered and the talented people I get to know through running it and staging events; they’re the inspiration and will continue to be for as long as YGT’s around.

What do you do and where do you go to find fresh new ideas for your project?

I think the combination of working in marketing, spending a great deal of time with creative people and living in London means you’re bombarded with exciting information non stop. I’m lucky in that respect, I’m never short of ideas. I read a lot, do a lot of research, go to new places and I try to use social media for good, rather than for trolling and stalking. I also tend to have a flood of great ideas during or just after a positive one-on-one conversation, it gives me a great sense of perspective.

What do you enjoy most and least about running YGT?

Discovering amazing new artists, solo ventures, stores, businesses, social enterprises and collectives is definitely one of the highlights. I find it really uplifting to read about and connect with people doing great things. The negative side for me, if I’m really honest, is blogger culture. I don’t like the ego, the ‘hauls’ or the spelling mistakes. It strikes me that a lot of bloggers are enticed by the idea of free stuff, a certain lifestyle and being called an ‘influencer’ but have no interest in community or creating quality content. It fuels a stereotype that many bloggers have to contend with and I find that disheartening. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from someone?

‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down.’ My mum’s motto, a subtle war cry for chronic overthinkers and a great phrase from history, and some of my favourite works of literature. Words I live by every day. 

What are the tools you use for YGT that you cannot live without?

My laptop and phone, I use an apple macbook and iPhone, a decent black pen and my notebook for scribbling ideas and making to-do lists. Fancy stationery and weekly planners jazzed up with marbling and tropical illustrations aren’t really a necessity but I like to think they help.

What’s your favourite Nauteas blend?

Cherry Loves Rose. I’m deeply smitten with anything rose scented and have a serious relationship with Skin + Tonic Rosewater spray, Lush Rose Jam and Ruby’s of London rose and pistachio vegan cupcakes so Nauteas’ rose and cherry rooibos tea is a treat. I love brewing a cup on a Sunday afternoon when I get home from yoga. I get comfy on the sofa, catch up on my emails and savour the taste and the lovely fruity smell.

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