Why Dry January is the most exciting month of the year

January is the month we all associate with starting things afresh, trying something new (even if we only stick with it for a month or so) and also we associate it with an alcohol-free lifestyle for 31 days. Some want to compensate for the Christmas and NYE food (and drink) binge, some want to save themselves from expensive nights out before the long overdue payday. Either way, January is usually not the month we see ourselves enjoying too much!

With slimline soda or juice on a standard Dry January menu, I can't blame anyone for dreading the month without the excitement of their usual drinks repertoire. However we're now in 2019 and things have changed quite dramatically in the past 12 months or so. Not drinking is now picking up momentum and spending every Sunday with a heavy head and no recollection of the night before is just...not cool.

At Nauteas we agree. Not drinking doesn't mean fun is off the menu and we've partnered up with some amazing people to bring you a range of NoLo (no or low alcohol) Nauteas-infused drinks, which will make your drinking buddies look sideways with envy...

Recipes developed by Rich at Mix & Muddle using Nauteas teas, Photography by Andy Carson, Set design by Jess at Jam Studio, food styling by Sophie Hammond

Nauteas x Mix and Muddle 'The Lost Earl' non-alcoholic cocktail

The Lost Earl

35ml 'The Lost Earl' infused Seedlip Grove

25ml strong The Lost Earl Tea

5ml Lemon Juice

10ml Honey, Eucalyptus & Rose Cordial

2 drops Dandelion & Burdock Bitters

Light Tonic top-up


Glass: Balloon Glass

Garnish: Dried Lavender sprig


Cherry Loves Rose cocktail

Cherry Loves Rose

35ml 'Cherry Loves Rose' infused Regal Rogue Dry Vermouth

10ml Black Cherry Liqueur

5ml Almond Syrup

10ml Red Wine Vinegar

2 dashes Rose Water

1 dash Cherry Bitters


Glass: Antique Old-fashioned

Garnish: Orange peel


Herbal Bliss Non-alcoholic cocktail

Herbal Bliss

35ml 'Herbal Bliss' infused Seedlip Garden

5ml Pine Cordial

5ml Geranium Cordial

10ml Lime Juice

Light Tonic


Glass: Hi-ball

Garnish: Frozen peas & Chives


Elephant Chai cocktail

Elephant Chai

45ml 'Elephant Chai' infused Lovage Liqueur

15ml Seedlip Spice

35ml Almond Milk

10ml Cinnamon Syrup


Glass: Flip Glass

Garnish: Milk froth & grated Nutmeg


Enjoy your Dry January and the rest of 2019!


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